Taking Tips on fatherhood and a pregnant woman.

Awesome news, men. Congrats to both.

(I live in Camden County)
Although we are B4DL in our household and nothing could ever change that, he is Camden because of Camden Yard. Declan’s middle name was in honor of the most important person to me growing up (not including a parent) and if we had a girl we planned to do the same thing to honor my wife’s grandmother. When we found out it was another boy my wife was originally at a loss of what to do and then she thought of Camden bc her grammy was from Baltimore and loved the O’s. Then Declan got put on the Orioles in his fall tball league and she took it as fate!
Doing great man, thanks for asking. Just got home around an hour ago and I’m already laid up in bed with SEC football on in front of me and little man sleeping on my chest.
Good to hear. He got his orange on?

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