Game of Thrones chat with Lotto


Does that make him King? I don't think he has any interest in it. I'm not positive he doesn't end up with Dany.

Good question. Not really sure. Next season is set up sooo well, though.

Jon has the greatest claim to the throne of anyone now that his lineage has been revealed.
Thought the episode was disappointing

We didn’t learn anything new, but I do understand the characters had to all be caught up with one another and the viewers

Not enough episodes left for that anymore. Storytelling went out the window in season 7. They gotta pump this bad boy to a phenomenal close and Jon and dany hanging out in front of remote waterfalls ain’t it

I was so confident they were gonna have the end shot of the episode be the Night King and Bran but Arya froooommmmmmm deeeeeeeppppppppppp

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