Freak's Board Software upgrade thread 2023

Holding down like is highlighting all text for me
It's definitely a little touchy on mobile. For me it does actually highlight the text after the icons pop up, which I don't really love, but that seems to be how it works.
good post from underscore on the mothership. I did have a cookie issue when I first tried to log in but I can't duplicate his example.

A couple bugs... I have a login there but requested a password reset but never received a notice. Second, from the home page (Forum list) attempting to login prompts you to accept the site cookies even after you have done so and just loops with the same error -- but you can login while browsing a thread.
there's no dislike option currently so wow, angry or sad will have to suffice. lol.
I misunderstood, i thought you meant you weren't giving us a dislike option. I get it now.

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