Braves vs Dudgers game 3

Need Fried to have a good start. He can cement a spot for next year if he pitches well next year down the stretch
It’s only one batter but I love watching Fried pitch. Even his 95+ fastball that is 2 feet over the catchers head is entertaining.
Sooooo. You want Culberson in the lineup which is fine and you take out Ozzie against a lefty bc.....why? Give Ozzie the day off tomorrow
Gotta watch on my phone so may not be too active. Guess I could crank up the laptop
Man that Alex Wood/Jose Persia trade for Olivera should be on all time bad Braves move
Hernandez got a base hit, he hit Bellinger. Hernandez moved up on a sac fly from Forthsye and then Puig flew out and Kike scored
Older guys if you remember, was McGriff a rental and Atlanta then gave him a contract extension or did he have team control?

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