Fantasy Football League

My grandma told me I was the first grand baby so they called me Dr. Dre even though my name is Junior Seau
Draft order has been randomized

In a cruel twist of fate

I am last

Which I prefer haha
We should have gotten lmoore instead of yank. Will correct next year

Or kick yank out ha
Lmoore944 is in

He’ll either take Freak’s spot if he doesn’t return or he’ll take Yank’s spot because Yank
We have 11/12 solidified

How we feel about draft dates?
Monday night Sept 4 (Labor Day) 8:30 pm?

Most any weeknight after 8:30pm is good for me.

Central standard time.
Everyone still cool with $50 entry?

I’ll look up historical payouts but I think this league was 1st and 2nd with 3rd getting money back.

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