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    New software

    Welcome. Wanted to test an import over here before I import VolNation. Let me know your thoughts and if you see any issues. I still have some tweaks to make to the style/skin.
  3. freak

    Message from your humble servant

    I'm going to be testing a few things over here---some scripts I need to try on a small scale before I implement them on the mothership. If you witness any strange happenings not related to Ben's birthday, it's probably me messing with code. I'll try not to screw anything up.
  4. freak

    Heyward surgery.

  5. freak


  6. freak


    From yesterday.
  7. freak

    BravesChop Mobile

    Let me know if you see any issues. I took the VolNation mobile skin and threw in some blue and red. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm sure I missed a few things.
  8. freak

    Site maintenance and suggestions

    I'm getting ready to upgrade the board software so I can port over the mobile skin from VN. If there are features or additions you'd like to see here, let me know and I'll try to make it happen.
  9. freak

    Padres series starts Tuesday

    Any thoughts? Jurrjens has pitched well. It would be nice to get a win and move over .500.
  10. freak

    New forum features 5/1/2008

    -Tags for posts. Each time a new thread is posted. The thread starter will have the option to tag his thread. Tags are keywords that relate to the topic. Readers are also able to add tags (I think). Try it out with this thread and let me know if you can add tags. You can view the tag cloud...
  11. freak

    [off-topic] New prefix test 2

    These can be customized by size, color, text, etc.
  12. freak

    Jeff Francouer's Blog

    You guys have probably seen this. Pretty interesting though.
  13. freak

    Braves and Mets Sunday game

    My boy Smoltz is pitching today. Looks pretty good through 3 innings.
  14. freak

    So, how bout those Braves?

    :) I kind of forgot this place existed.
  15. freak

    Braves Pirates Game 3

    Looks like this one didn't go too well. Ouch.
  16. freak

    Braves Pirates Game 2

  17. freak

    Braves Padres Game 2

  18. freak

    Braves Padres Game 1

  19. freak

    Braves Dodgers Game 1

  20. freak

    Kevin Barry

    I didn't see it posted anywhere, but it looks like the Braves have brought up Kevin Barry from the minors.

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