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    Life Is Crazy, Fellas

    Well, gents. Some may have noticed that I was sort of MIA from twitter and the choppersphere for a little while. Pretty major life update since y'all are my internet-bros.: We called off the wedding and broke up. Ended things. About 3 weeks ago, or so. 1. We have always disagreed on...
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    MLBaseball Offseason Thread

    Discussion, bemoaning, prediction, criticism, etc. Ben Zobrist probably wants to be a National via trade, right?
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    Official Georgia Fans Suck So Let's Beat Them And Laugh vs. Vols Thread

    Math problem for ya, fellas: 200 Georgia fans x their actual football knowledge x how many words they say after their team loses a game = _____ a) 0 a is the answer. Seems like a lot of Georgia fans think it's just cool to say yay dawgs as the social event of the week. Let's make it a...
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    Official (Chop) Arkansas State @ V-O-L-S Game Thread

    Let's do this. Let's dominate.
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    Oregon Game

    :D :mad::mad: GBO.

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