Anyone extremely pissed off now?


May 1, 2007
How can the exact same team except for Gonzalez play so well in the beginning of the year play so shitty down the road. I'm sick of this shit.
They were winning a lot of 1 run and come from behind games early on. It was probably gave a false sense of security.
It also has a lot to do with the injuries to Chipper and McCann. Having two of your top hitters hurting certainly doesn't help the offense any. Francoeur has also cooled off considerably. Then there's the pitching. The bullpen has done surprisingly well since Gonzalez went down, but we really need to find another starter. The musical chairs approach at the back end of the rotation isn't getting us anywhere.
Yea I would really love to get some studs in the starting lineup besides Smoltz and the fading Hudson we have.
Just got shutout for the 3rd consecutive game. It's looking more and more like this just isn't a very good lineup. Chipper and McCann being banged up and Andruw Jones being in the twilight zone has rendered this lineup completely impotent.

And, oh yeah . . . They get to face Justin Verlander tomorrow.
...and if you're keeping score at home, as of tonight Andruw is below the Mendoza Line 70+ games into the season.
It's amazing how quickly someone can go from being the toast of the town to the goat.
There has got to be something wrong with the guy. 30 year olds don't just suddenly start hitting .199 for an extended period for no reason.
I agree. I would say he's putting too much pressure on himself due to his upcoming free agency. But, he's never been one to crumble under the pressure before. There's got to be something going on that he's not telling.
well it's another loss today... i didn't get a chance to see the game but from looking at the scoreboard it was another offense struggle. seriously they need to find some offense somewhere somehow.
It sounds like the frsutration is boiling over in the clubhouse.

Good news though . . . I've traced the Braves problems back to the day that I changed avatars. Chief Nokahoma is now back and the karma should be restored shortly.
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